iSocket Systems is a home automation company that solves real problems for owners of connected homes, with the focus on cellular technology. The key message is "Forewarned is forearmed" - meaning that a prompt alert of a problem can prevent costly damage. The main product offering of the company is a range of smart plugs. iSocket Systems pioneered smart plugs that operate over the cellular network to send prompt alerts of a problem in the home - such as a power outage, leak, temperature rise/fall, break-in, gas leak, etc.

In 2015 iSocket Systems created a new ecosystem - CECO HOME (Cellular Connected Home). The new ecosystem combines two modern secure technologies - cellular and Thread. DIY enthusiasts and developers can build different solutions for a connected home on the top of this ecosystem. The CECO ecosystem has been declared the winner of the Innovation Enabler Program by the Thread Group among hundreds of candidates and was chosen to be the finalists of the IOT / M2M Innovation World Cup 2015/16 among 400 candidates from 58 countries.